215 people signed the petition since April 04, 2007

Signatures for Jordan VII Bordeaux Retro

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101 EverettBethel Favorite Jordan of all time...Had 3 pairs back in the day will have 3 times that if they release these...love em...
102 wenhairui i hope they come out these are my favorite color for the vii's and would pick up atleast 3 pairs if they were retroed.
103 luisalmeida release these!!
104 mattkennard i heart that colorway pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease do it! do it!
105 LucasGargaglione Please Retro these!
106 robassessor  
107 NTNT NT!
108 MaxReidel DO it DO it
109 StephenSilva I would love for this shoe to be retroed. It was the best colorway of the VII. It would be a great LS too. Please bring these shoes back.
110 MichaelHuang Air Jordan VII Bordeaux retro will be a dream come true!!
111 akshyrpni make lots of pairs
112 tjapostol bring these back.
113 OmarChowdhury Retro this please!
114 AndyJohnson Jordan Brand, please continue to deliver great products by re-releasing these much loved shoes
115 CliffSammett Retro these and I will by two pairs no questions asked.
116 TomD Release these sneakers and the hares
117 ZacGolub Power to the people.
118 kw  
119 AntoineCurrie Bring em back!!!!!!! Why not?
120 joeygeaghan  
121 WilliamSandoval Please retro this beautiful shoe, but don't butcher it. Some Hares wouldn't hurt either. :)
122 AaronSanchez just do it
123 LuigiHuezo  
124 MarcusBarber Yeah I'd love to see those Air Jordan Bordeaux retroed,because I never got the chance to purchase those and they are FIRE!!!!
125 KofieAbakah Please rerelease this shoe. It's one of my fav's of all time. Thanks!
126 kendrickjackson love the seven
127 BisiLatunde-Addey I really want these to be retroed.
128 TrentHines  
129 DexterSulit Love it and I WILL buy it
130 PatrickCalonia Yeah!!!
131 RyanYlanan  
132 JoeyDiaz PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE JB!!!! The Only VII's Worth Having!!! Release these!!!!!!!!!!
133 JayAlbizu we need more classics and less of this jordan VS. variants BS....
134 MarcMendoza Retro These!
135 DJ I need these....and if u dont retro them...im never buying another pair of retro's
136 ahmadamin  
137 alfonsogallardo  
138 kristoferschantz  
139 JordanCase these need to be retroed!!! hot pair of jordans
140 AdamHerard Can we please start getting some heat? Retros died 2006.
141 AnthonyA.  
142 RyanRyan  
143 jaybradley copped x7
144 nicholasramsammy All i have to say is that i love these sneakers with all my sneaker heart and i would love for the chance to own them in my own collection
145 jonathanEdwards The best Jordans ever.
146 andrewocasio greatest vii ever!
147 Richardhernandez these are my grails it would be awesome if they retroed these
148 MarioDavila  
149 franciscoRamirez  
150 markr please retro them right. don't use different colors or a different shape.
151 GeorgeTobar Been waiting for a petition on these. JB please release these classics.!
152 ZacharyKnoll Please Please Please!
153 DannyLee please bring these back!
154 ChrisRoberts Sevens brought me into the game truly ...being born in 92 when they were released, and the bordeaux is a beautiful shoe.
155 IvanYates Please retro these! They were one of my first Jays!!!
156 JayFear Ever since the Michael Jackson "Jam" video I wanted these shoes but couldn't afford them at the time. Please bring them back so that I can own them before I die of old age. lol
157 ramonsanchez bring them back !!!!!!!!! walla
158 JustinMckeon bring em back
159 kiickz4dayzkiickz4dayz please retro these.
160 JustinToomer Retro these please!
161 justinsa these would be a great retro
162 anthonyjames  
163 jordanquinto  
164 MarkVega My all time fave and first jordan ever. Please retro faithfully
165 inaldorodriquez Dam those should realese again seriouse heat...those r one of my holy grail..
166 RamellFrederick VIIs are my all time fav Air Jordan......Please do this shoe justice and make it right.....PEACE
167 NovanL these are very nice pair of shoes and these classics need to be retroed again in tribute to the legend that preceeds them.
168 shawnlee I love the air jordan 3.
169 DavidPan Please do release them. One of the greatest nike air jordans released. great colorway. please JB!!
170 GemayleWatkins Can we get da OG Hares released along w/ da Bordeauxs?
171 kevinmccarthy just to nice of a colorway
172 PatrickElder PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
173 sitthidethselitham  
174 DJBellamy  
175 radideonarine omg! a must have !!!11
176 JasonBoyd First pair of Jordan's I had as kid, and the best ones ever.
177 LaurenGormeley  
178 BradWilliams  
179 JustinDuenas Love this colorway! Retro it please!
180 mauricevan de stouwe yeahh i want this one again!
181 OrelT The best jordan design ever, and the best colorway!!!
182 jordancrazzii THEY ARE RETROEING THESE IN 2008! IN A 23 PACKAGE!!!!! WITH SOME XVIS!!!! WHOOO!!!
183 NelsonZhao BRING EM BACK!
184 gregorimorrobel i love the color combinations n love these sneakers
185 BrendonHenderson definitely need these boys from the jam video
186 virainmarwaha retro da bordeaux vii
187 KaiMitchell if you can get a word in, tell them to mkae it limited, so they can still be exclusive for those who understand their signifigance
188 justinseneris  
189 AnthonyHeath one of faves...
190 CharlieGilbert I've loved this colorway ever since I saw them back in 92! The Bordeaux's are classics and deserved to be retro'd. Please yor Airness, let them rip, and keep them original!!
191 adamw Bringem back nowz!
192 julianrodriguez THis shoe is the 1 of the best sneakers of the VII's i've seen
193 JeffLouis bordeaux 7's was the reason I fell in love with jordan.
194 kevinaguilar RETRO!!!!!!!!!!!
195 BobbyGuedea Please retro these shoes. I love them
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