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Signatures for Jordan VII Bordeaux Retro

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1 DarnellYancey Petition creator and shoe lover!
2 richardortega  
3 richieelem  
4 deerickbibles  
5 ivanortiz  
6 ShariceBryant Would love 2 see tha bordeauxs retroed...they'd sell like hotcakes and i'd be first in line : )
7 CarlosHermida  
8 ChrisSteele defintely brings these back. PLEASE!
9 MarshallWalraven Great shoe to retro. I love the colorway.
10 JoeBaires One of my favorite colorways for the VII's.
11 JonathanClark  
12 callumprice  
13 McKinleyDorcius The best color way of VIIs. I hope this petition works!
14 BrandonJoyner I would love for this shoe to be retroed. It was the best colorway of the 7, my first ever Jordan shoe. It would be a great LS too.
15 MauricePalmer Please bring these shoes back.
16 paul-michaelosborne these are the best vii's ever released and should be retro'd!!!
17 CameronSmith Bring em' back.
18 paulosborne these are fire!!! hope they release!!!
19 MichaelOsbourne love to see em drop!
20 angelaosborne  
21 cayleeosborne  
22 KayleeOzbourne  
24 DeJordanDexavier LIL SOLE HEARTED
25 DonovanBibles In our household Jordans is the way of life,we breed JORDANs. Jr. SOle Hearted
26 HenryLuu It would be great, if these were retroed. I would definately line up for these.
27 reggiebince i would love to have these added to my entourage of sneakers! p.s mj is the man
28 hugocontreras i love the Bordeaux and i wouldnt mind seeing it make a come back along with the hares
29 RyanHooper 23isbackatl
30 JordanAlcedo  
31 janaematthews i sign this for the luv of da person shoe and game jus check my nicekicks page out i even got jordan tatted on my back so i back u up 100000%
32 stephenvalite this would be a real great retro!!!!
33 courtneylesley Put these on the selves
34 matttompkins nice!
35 mahindrak.  
36 JayFear I remember seeing these in that Michael Jackson video "Jam" with Jordan in it and ever since then I wanted them but never could afford them when I was a kid. Please put these through the Retro machine for old time's sake.
37 IvorySutlle I always wanted these 7s
38 MikeLisbon Just helpin the cause, Yagami from NK
39 ReyCarmier i reminisce about these all the time please nike bring them back!!
40 ShaneCarrello bring back da good times.
41 chrisbulman  
42 LaMarrNelson i always love this show, but my mom didn't get them for me. I had the Bugs Bunny t-shirt though. I would love for these to come back, because we need more original looking Retros!
43 KeshiaDaye  
44 EvilPoptart  
45 LashondaDavis Please bring them back!!!
46 De'MawnPerkins Bring em' back.
47 StephenMann I remember getting these when they first dropped. I'd like to relive that memory
48 richardhoward  
49 TrevorCoats I love these sneaks and was nevr able to get these as a kid and would love the oppertunity to get a pair of classics.
50 adammcginnis  
51 ZulRazali yeah man!!!! we want those VII bordeauxs retroed!!! yeeha!!!!
52 FauzUni Please please please brig back these damn shoes !
53 amintran man i loe these straight fire
54 MichaelMercado Please retro these!!!!!
55 RichMag  
56 NickStellatos I need these... baaaaddd hehe
57 michaeljohnson Yeah this would be a good look in my JORDAN collection. I'd love to have these since I missed out on them as a kid
58 MikeCollins I'd cop at least 2 pairs!
59 TroyScarselli these would be a great edition to my collects..
60 georgebeltran Please retro my grails guys. It would be very cool to have them.
61 nathanwhite Just Do It!
62 AlbertoRioja i love those shoes!!!my first pair of jordans when i was 12!!
63 DavidMyers they really need to re-release these
64 timmaslow i love this shoe, one of my first, i'd buy more than 1 pair! please sell them!
65 jamesjavier Please retro this!!!
66 ZickyVillette I love these PLEASE RETRO them.
67 WilmerVentura JB please release them you know you want to.
68 alanliu  
69 michaelberens nice
70 BrianKhorshad  
71 MarcelKumontoy I need those 2 b a GR so i can cop in Jakarta, Indonesia!
72 JamesFredericks I want this shoe out again! This was the VERY FIRST Air Jordan shoe I ever owned. It's about time 15 years later they returned.
73 SeanHow JB makes that, I will cop 2 for personal enjoyment :)
74 taivanbayasgalan man RETRO DA DAMN SHOES!!!
75 JONATHANROJAS Please JB, retro these. I will definitely buy 2 pairs for me.
76 CalvinCalypso They would make lots of sell....!
77 raghibqureshi  
78 jasonsmoghu Best shoe ever.. please release
79 chriscannon please please please my ogs are beat
80 BryanRodriguez Retro these babys
81 DarrylMartinez These shoes are a must for all AJ collectors, so lets make it happen.
82 KV  
83 SteuartWright this is a great idea...might as well bring back the hares while ur at it
84 NickJarvis One of the craziest, best looking shoes of all time. Def. need to be retroed.
85 WilliamBarr gimme these, please
86 SeanSmith Original colorway of an older model. Anticipated by many.
87 ChrisO'Loughlin 2nd favorite VII's only behind the hares. this is a release I've been patiently waiting for. JB, do NOT FUCK THIS UP.
88 KeithHonore One of top 6 jordans of all time. My sister had them and i didnt so i said the day these get retroed im gonna get to. JB release these baby exactly the way they are.
89 CarolinaH.  
90 PhilCasanova  
91 jayarsemano  
92 michaelrivera please retro the 7s
93 JohnathonLee DO IT
94 hamlee  
95 stevenrivera  
96 terencechiu retro the bordeaux!
97 AlexoO Aztec Oo NT!
98 DemarcusHarris  
99 ryanweller We need these more than we do the crappy 1's and low 11's.
100 jaramillodavid i would buy 4 pairs!!!!